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Year 8 essay: What caused the English Civil War? The skill you are showing (from that table in the back of your book) is: “Cause and Consequence”. That is the column that will be used to mark your essay. You should have, by this point, practiced: [a] taking a variety of causes – those are the 10 cards you have [b] putting them into two big categories – e.g. long term and short term [c] within the categories, finding causes that are linked (and putting those cards together) [d] thinking about themes that crop up when explaining those causes – e.g. money [e] you may have even thought about which cause is the most important (and what makes it the most important – that is, important in what way? Is it most important because it’s the first cause that starts it all off, or because it’s the last cause that means the event will happen, or because it affects the most people, or because it lasts the longest?) Task [a] is Level 3 thinking, [b] is 4, [c] is 5, [d] is 6 and [e] is 7. Now you have definitely done the above tasks with an eye to what causes Christmas to be good. And you have also made inroads into What caused the English Civil War? So, before you can use your cards to help you structure your essay, what should you do? [a] have your 10 cards [b] divide the cards into “Long Term” (before 1640) and “Short Term” (after 1640 – two years or less before the Civil War) [c] link some of the cards together within the “Long Term” or the “Short Term” – put them close together. Maybe they’re linked because one card leads to the other, maybe they’re linked because they share a similar pattern (e.g. Parliament, Scotland, Catholicism). [d] write on three or so cards a theme that had repeatedly come up (e.g. religion, or economics (money), or politics (power), or personality). [e] think about which is the most important of

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