English Civil War Causes Essay

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“ I have seen in this revolution a circular motion of the sovereign power through two usurpers, father and son, to the late King to this his son. For ... it moved from King Charles I to the Long Parliament; from thence to the Rump; from the Rump to Oliver Cromwell; and then back again from Richard Cromwell to the Rump; then to the Long Parliament; and thence to King Charles, where long may it remain.” (Thomas Hobbes) There have been different opinions on what the main causes of the English Civil War were. Could it have been James I who was the King of England in 1603, and considered his rule to be by the “Divine Right of Kings”? Or Charles I who, with a belief that Kings were appointed by God to rule by Divine Right, succeeded to be King in 1625. Or possible the Parliament which was the legislature of the Kingdom of England? Different people believe different cause of the War, although I argue that the English Civil War was mainly caused by disagreement over religion between the Parliament and King Charles I. Charles I was going against the Parliament by not following the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta was English document that made law the supreme power and became a cornerstone of constitutional government while the parliament was a representative form of government like our congress which passes laws and collects taxes. It was two houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. James I was the start of the Stuart dynasty. He believed in divine rights, absolutism, and was Anglican. James I son, was Charles I who also believed in divine rights of kings. Charles I could not get funds from the Parliament so he tried forcing people to loan him money and imprisoned some who refused. He used the Magna Carta as a weapon against the harsh tactics of the Stuart Kings during the 17th century. Parliament objected to his actions and presented Charles with a
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