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Edenia Rolon Alexia Brooks English 10001 1 of September 2015 A Human Community “…, I think I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood where people look out for one another. A human neighborhood” (Reed, 96). Ishmael Reed’s “My Oakland: There is a There There,” discusses the importance of knowing your neighbors. Ishmael Reed talks about his neighborhood experience in both Oakland and El Cerrito. Reed explains to us how many people think that Oakland has terrible persons but that it isn’t like that. Ishmael says that Oakland in fact is one of the places the he ever knowns has a close community. Throughout his experience, Reed informs us that when he lived in El Cerrito he didn’t even know the people that live in his neighborhood. That everyone kept to themselves and that he didn’t even know that one of his neighbors, a cop, died until he saw everyone dress in black. He also talks about how in Oakland he knew everyone and how closes and trustful everyone was. That when he needed someone to look after his house while he was gone there was always someone that offers their help. When I read Ishmael’s “My Oakland: There is a There There”, I realized that I had many connections to the way he described his neighborhood in Oakland. I used to live in Turlock when I was about 7-8 years old in some apartments where there were a lot of people around me. I came to know every single one of my neighbors to the point that when my parents had to work for long periods of time I knew that one of my neighbors would gladly be able to keep me and my sisters company. And know that I live in Delhi, a tiny little town, everything is different. My house is located far away from civilization, and even though there’s still neighbors nearby I really don’t know them that much to be able to ask them for anything. In my point of view I really know what’s it really feels to have a close community where

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