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Kanyisile 3467674 English 111 Write a five paragraph essay in which you use detailed analysis of the poem to respond to this question: ‘In one sense the poem describes a failed attempt to write a love poem (the speaker keeps on trying out different images, and she keeps on questioning them). In another sense, the whole piece is a love poem: in presenting the dialogue between the two lovers, it demonstrates the quality of their relationship.’ What is your opinion? Explain. A Love Poem – Jeremy Cronin Wihan van Wyk Thursday 19 March I, Kanyisile Brukwe, certify that this assignment is my own work. I understand what plagiarism is and I have used quotations and references to fully acknowledge all the words and ideas of others. My essay is about my opinion on the poem, A Love Poem. The poem is a dialogue, failed love poem between two people in a relationship where the speaker is expressing his deep feelings with the help of nature creating a life sustaining image of how he feels about the girl. The dialogue is giving us, the readers, an idea about the quality of their relationship and in which stages it is in, whether they have just started dating or have been together for a while. Unfortunately for him his lover doesn’t see it that way and questions his feelings and the descriptions that he keeps on giving her resulting in their dialogue. This poem is written by the poet and spoken by the speaker, the poet is successful in presenting the poem to his audience but the speaker fails in his attempt to write the poem to his love as he doesn’t end up finish writing. The speaker sees the girl as mysterious and unique, someone who is strong and has an outspoken personality and can survive with the little she has, this referring to the plant that can survive in a desert or dry land with little water. “I write: She’s like some unnamed succulent of the veld” (line 1).

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