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ENGLISH EXPLOSION Phrasal Verbs Thanks for subscribing! If you know someone who could benefit from this, feel free to forward it ! to them! www.englishexplosion.com English Explosion Phrasal Verbs List Verb Meaning Example ask someone out invite on a date Chris asked Sara out to dinner. ask around ask many people the same question I asked around but nobody has seen my keys. add up to something equal Your purchases add up to $175.00 back something up reverse You'll have to back up your car so that I can get out. back someone up support My friend backed me up over my decision to quit my job. blow up explode The racing car blew up after it crashed into the fence. blow something up add air We have to blow the balloons up for the party. break down stop functioning (vehicle, machine) His car broke down on the highway. break down get upset He broke down when the doctor told him that his son had died. break something down divide into smaller parts My teacher broke the project down into three separate parts. break in force entry to a building Somebody broke in last night and stole the money. www.englishexplosion.com www.facebook.com/englishexplosion English explosion www.englishexplosion.com English Explosion break into something enter forcibly The police had to break into the house to rescue the dog. break something in wear something a few times so that it doesn't look/feel new I need to break these shoes in before the game. break up end a relationship My girlfriend and I broke up. break out escape The prisoners broke out of jail at night. break out in something develop a skin condition I broke out in a rash after I used that makeup. bring someone down make unhappy

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