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The great debate continues on whether or not public school students should be made to wear uniforms. In Asian schools, in Britain or in some Caribbean states, it has long become a tradition that students must wear uniforms to school; while in the other hand, in some countries like the USA or France, it is rare to see school uniforms. Still, in general view, parents and students should best support the decision of wearing uniforms to school, for many of its advantages. The beginning is good but the thesis is not very clear One thing that must be made known is that every school, if it decides to make its students wear uniforms, would definitely create its own kind of uniform. Such uniform must have on it the symbol of the school; as such it will soon become a specific representation of the school. If students wear the school’s symbol, they would certainly be more aware of their behavior, not only inside school where there are teachers watching them, but also outside school’s area. Uniform will make students be readily identified in the crowd, which would lead students to act more considerately, for example to the pedestrians or people on trains. Also on school’s field trips, students with uniforms would be recognized much more easily, so teachers would meet less difficulty in ensuring that no students are missing. In that case, if students are allowed to wear as they want, they could easily blend in with the crowds and teachers would have to identify every single of their students among hundreds of people. Uniform also has practical benefits of helping to create a strong sense of school ethos and a sense of belonging to a particular community. This would create school’s discipline and therefore would drive up academic standards. Once wearing school uniforms, students are clearly made known that they belong to a group, a community, that they must act and work

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