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English 102 Outline THESIS: The two stories I chose, “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “The Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell. Compare and contrast traditions and the potential of loss of life which also shows the darker side of humankind. I. The characters are shown to be somewhat normal people, going about their own lives. A. Tessie Hutchinson, a wife and mother living in a small village of 300 people steeped in tradition. B. Sanger Rainsford, and educated gentleman is thrust into a situation where a wealthy man General Zaroff somewhat sadistic man, finds him shaded on his island, and hunt him for fun. II. Settings A. Tessie has lived her whole life in a small village where traditionally, a lottery drawn once a year. The lottery winner loses his or her life through being stoned by the remaining villagers. The tradition is played out as a sacrifice for better crops, allowing the survivals of the village as a whole. B. General Zarroff is a wealthy man who has a penchant for hunting animals. But he is bored because the island he is on doesn’t have animals, he feels worthy of hunting anymore. Rainsford, a big game hunter, on the way to a hunt in South America falls off the yacht carrying him, and swims to Zarroff island. Zarroff greets him realizing he now has an intelligent being with which to hunt. III: The plots, although different, have the same outcome loss of life. A. Tessie’s village is steeped in the the stoning tradition. All think this is normal and okay. Tessie is a wife and mother who prepares herself for possibly winning the lottery. She goes about her daily life until she is chosen. She goes to her death somewhat willingly, not wanting to challenge this deep seated tradition. B. Zaroff is thrilled to have another human to hunt. Sadly for him, he chose another hunter, who was able to use skills and
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