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41438 00 A-B-xxxviii KENN 10e r4jk 12/17/07 12:08 PM Page A Methods for Achieving Your Purpose in Writing The Bedford Reader centers on common ways of thinking and writing about all kinds of subjects, from everyday experiences to complex scientific theories. Whatever your purpose in writing, one or more of these ways of thinking — or methods of development — can help you discover and shape your ideas in individual paragraphs or entire papers. The following list connects various purposes you may have for writing and the methods for achieving those purposes. The blue boxes along the right edge of the page correspond to tabs on later pages where each method is explained. PURPOSE To tell a story about your subject, possibly to enlighten readers or to explain something to them To help readers understand your subject through the evidence of their senses — sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste To explain your subject with instances that show readers its nature or character To explain or evaluate your subject by helping readers see the similarities and differences between it and another subject To inform readers how to do something or how something works — how a sequence of actions leads to a particular result To explain a conclusion about your subject by showing readers the subject’s parts or elements To help readers see order in your subject by understanding the kinds or groups it can be sorted into To tell readers the reasons for or consequences of your subject, explaining why or what if To show readers the meaning of your subject — its boundaries and its distinctions from other subjects To have readers consider your opinion about your subject or your proposal for it METHOD Narration Description Example Comparison and Contrast Process Analysis Division or Analysis Classification Cause and Effect Definition Argument and

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