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Gonzalez, Jessika Dr. Jeffries Essay #1 09/28/12 What is happiness? There are many different definitions of happiness and happiness is determined by each individual. “The Aim of Man” by Aristotle and “The Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson both discuss the meaning of happiness means to them. By discussing their attitudes towards material and spiritual happiness as well as their attitudes toward political freedom and the need for possessions, Jefferson and Aristotle, wrote what they feel about happiness. Aristotle defines happiness as the final good which means, to live a good life, by doing good deeds and happiness depends upon us. Jefferson states that happiness is freedom to pursue our dreams. My own definition of happiness most relates to Jefferson because it’s based on my achievements, my pursue it of goals, and my independence. In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson mentions some points when it comes to material and spiritual happiness. Material is defined as anything that has to do with accomplishing what we want in life, for example, education. Education leads to knowledge and the citizens can use it to succeed happiness. Jefferson says, “He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good” (Jefferson, 81). We are meant to have the support from the government by protecting our rights. Anything that the citizens can use to benefit our life’s to be happy. Happiness can also be spiritual, something that cannot be seen, but it can be powerful and it brings us happiness. Spiritually stated by Jefferson can bring us guidance from God. This could be what the citizens need for happiness. God created us equally and gave us independence to be free. Thomas Jefferson mentions how everyone needs political freedom, how the government should respect and

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