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Where shared values and philosophies flourish the resulting connections endure and shape life as well as a sense of who we are. The care given to Raimond by his father expressed through the simplistic, neutral tone in “primitive though the house was, it made it possible for my father to kthhoeep me…” mirrors the unaffected values shared by father and son, whereby family connections and the mutual concern for each other overrides all else. It is this consistent care provided to Raimond by his father that sets a foundation of family loyalty enabling Raimond to have a strong sense of spiritual belonging to his home and family. Furthermore the relationship Raimond forges with Hora, who acts as Raimond’s second father, shown through his striking acknowledgement “I owe to Hora the development of my interest in ideas…” further enhances Raimond’s sense of identity. His platonic reference “those who love and seek wisdom” coupled with his affirmation “ I know what an honest man is…I know what friendship is…because I remember these things…in the example of their friendship” serves as a reflection of his exceptional bond with the two men. Therefore showing that in spite of the poverty, sadness, loss and struggle, belonging enriches our life and our capacity for happiness. In contrast, the absence of such positive interactions can leave individuals in despair and complete alienation. The contrast of Romulus’ selflessness “when she was there, my father took the opportunity to work overtime…” and Christine’s self centredness “my father’s devoted care of me contrasted obviously with her neglect of me” emphasises Christine’s alienation from her family and mother role, heightening her sense of disconnectedness with the world around her and others “a dead red gum…became for my mother a symbol of her desolation”. This inability to connect to her family inhibits Christine from ever

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