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Mikel Bower English Final 2 Throughout my life I’ve experienced many times when people have stereotyped, said something prejudice, and in some form or another discriminated. Although many people would not admit it, high school is about fitting in; not only with your friends but with your classmates and surroundings. New Hartford is a small school, primary whites and lacks much diversity. Most students without disabilities and only a few with. New Hartford does make an effort to stress equality and acceptance, but do they stress it enough? I remember last year this one incident. It may not of effected or changed my life at all, but for some reason I remember like it was yesterday. It was me and my friends sitting in the library. We were talking about baseball and somehow got onto the subject of this kid in our school. This kid in our grade happen to be mentally challenged. My one friend began to imitate him and started a whole joke about the way he talks. Next thing you knew not only him but the other guys joined in too. Not long after so did I. So here we are, the four of us laughing and pretty much tearing apart this boy who can’t help the way he talks or the problem he has. After the librarian told us to quiet down a few times I decided to get up and walk around to see who else was in the library. Sitting on the computer not far where i was sitting was the mentally challenge kid we were joking about. At that time a million thoughts ran through my head about whether he heard us or not. I said “what’s up?“ and continued walking. To this day I still don’t know if he had heard us but I still wonder when I see him. He acts as if everything is fine, so I don’t think he did. I never spoke up and said that the jokes they were making bothered me, in a way I wish I would of. Well to be honest at the time they didn’t. I didn’t think about what I was saying I just

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