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English Essay

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AP US History Ch 9-10 The American Pageant Test Study Guide

Consider the 5 Ws when thinking about history: Who, What, When, Where, & Why/How is it important?

Ch. 9 The Confederation and the Constitution, 1776-1790(Ch 9 in the 12th and 13th editions)
Continental army officers attempting to form the Society of the Cincinnati
      – were ridiculed for their lordly pretensions
The American Revolution was – an example of accelerated evolution rather than outright revolution
The world’s first antislavery society was founded by – Quakers in Philadelphia
As part of the Egalitarian movement of the American Revolution, - several northern states abolished slavery
Early signs of the abolitionist movement can be seen in the – emancipation of some slaves
The Founding Fathers failed to eliminate slavery because – a fight over slavery might destroy national unity
The struggle for divorce between religion and government proved fiercest in – Virginia
As a result of the Revolution’s emphasis on equality, all of the following were achieved -
the reduction of property qualifications for voting by most states
the growth of trade organizations for artisans and laborers
the establishment of the world’s first antislavery society
abolishing medieval inheritance laws
The most important outcome of the Revolution for white women was that they
      – were elevated as special keepers of the nation’s conscience
As written documents, the state constitutions were intended to
      – represent a fundamental law superior to ordinary legislation
As a means of ensuring that legislators stay in touch with the mood of the people, state constitutions
      – required the annual election of legislators
As a result of the Revolution, many state capitals were relocated westward
      – to get them away from the haughty eastern seaports
One reason that the United States avoided the frightful excesses of the French Revolution is that
      – cheap land was easily available...

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