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I think only one kind of English should be taught in school to keep learning simple and enjoyable. Having basic set of rules vs. too many can confuse and discourage someone from learn. Having to learn English as a second language to most can be a challenge. Challenges that some people don’t want to take. In Amy Tan writing “Mother Tongue” she mention about her relationship with communication between her and her mother and the way English was spoken. As a child watching her mother get mistreated because of the way spoke in broken English showed Amy Tan that English language can be very powerful when spoken in proper ways. She stated that she was never judged poorly but on the other hand she can’t say the same for her mother. I think what she saw when people speak limited English can affect the way you are treated. I think from this experience she learned and motivated herself to become a great writer in the English language. She wanted to get the respect of others and not be like her mother. The conversation between her and her mother seem very clear however when her mother had discussion with other people not everyone was clear. I guess you can see that people take advantage of others when English is not spoken perfectly. She mentions learning math was very natural for her. She compared how math narrow down to one answer and English had a lot more. I guess when it comes to learning not everyone is the same but nevertheless if you find reasons to challenge yourself it a good way to be

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