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This semester in English class 102, I learned a lot about humanities and abstract thinking. I learned to think in different ways and I discovered things about myself that I never believed attributed to me. I never thought that I would find something deep inside myself that subconsciously was there below the surface of my conscious mind. I found a whole different way to look upon the society whether it is the media, people, schools, and even our nation. The books I’ve read in English 102 have helped me learn a lot about society and different aspects of it. I have always been an avid reader and I was glad we were able to read at least a few books in the class, if not many. I definitely believe I have improved in my writing skills. I feel as if I understand the whole process better and am able to formulate ideas and a pre meditated thesis before hand and this has broadened over the semester. I’ve definitely had some difficulties in this course; I believe the hardest part in this course was the Research paper, and also the length in all of my papers. I don’t think I have those concepts down, and my ability is lacking in those specific areas. I would easily recommend this course to incoming freshman. It is definitely a requirement since it prepares you for later courses in your college career and helps you create or improve your writing skills and abilities. The writing skills I’ve developed and the knowledge I’ve gained from this course will carry on with me and help me in my college journey. I’m not the best at English and don’t need or want to be, this class that I took helped me to have a better understanding of not only English and writing skills, but a better understanding of the meaning behind writing, how it comes to be, and the main idea that writers are trying to portray in their work and in turn what I’m trying to portray in mine. My view is that every

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