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1. Write a summary of Grove in 150 words Grove is about a man who’s parents live In a trailer, in Florida in a small town called Frostproof. The man is visiting his parents with a woman, but this woman is not his wife, because the only thing we hear about her is that she can’t get pregnant. The women he have with him is hiding whiskey in a shampoo bottle, and she is drinking it without anyone knows it. One day the man and woman is out in a small sail boat on the lake, they meets some girls who says that they are welcome to take a beer or to. When they came back to the house the man and his father is going to the store and his mom and the woman sits in the living room while they watch game shows. His mother don’t like the women and sat to her that she should go home because she doesn’t feel well, the boys came back and the woman says that she is sick and so the woman and the man drives home. 2. Characterize the two main characters and their relationship. If we look at the man he seems like a spitted man, when he have a wife at home, but are at a visit at his parents’ house with a other woman. He is not afraid to get hurt and we gets the feeling that his emotions are cold. Then if we look at the woman, so is she happy about the man, but still not quite happy because she drinks when nobody sees it, she has feelings for this man but they are not returned. the man’s mom, don’t like the woman and that could have a role in that she aren’t happy. Their relationship is a confusing thing, they seems happy, but at the other side they don’t. They can cuddle at night, but when she tries to touch him, he pulls himself away. 3. Comment on the ending. The ending is very disporting, because we as a reader are left with a question about why he turn of the light while he was driving. I have thought about two things that I could be: the first one is that he turns of the

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