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The high demand for fast-food is seen as an easy solution to consumers' busy schedules and limited meal preparation time. As changing tastes and need for convenience become the goal of households, consumption of fast-food will be expected to rise especially in urban areas Such “trading down” proved true for much of the latest recession, when fast-food companies picked up customers who could no longer afford to eat at casual restaurants. Traffic was boosted in America, the home of fast food, with discounts and promotions, such as $1 menus and cheap combination meals. Some fast-food companies also cannibalized their own profits by trying to give customers better value. During the recession companies set prices low, hoping that once they had tempted customers through the door they would be persuaded to order more expensive items. Its sleek design, standard style of service, and distinctive menu has an appeal that resonates with millions the world over WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF THE GROWING FAST-FOOD INDUSTRY ?? variety time consumption recession How often do you or your family cook during the week? How often do you catch yourself craving some fries, a shake, or a burger? How often do you see a fast food place on a corner or street? Fast food is not only impacting the world with its presence on every corner, street, and place you turn to, but by offering a great meal to enjoy. Its convenience is making people say no to the stove and yes to what a fast food place can offer. But why is their such a big demand for it? The three answers, variety, time consumption, and the recession. Those factors play a part in our intake of the fast food industry. When you think of various numbers of foods, fast foods provide all of that. Ranging from Chinese to Mexican food you can find one place to fulfill your desire. In the book, Fast Food/Slow Down, author Richard Wilk

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