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Individual Project Unit 1 Ariealle Brady AIU Online Abstract An abstract paragraph is nt indented. It is 75-250 words in length and provides a full summary of your paper. The abstract is double-spaced and is written in the third person. Unit 1 Individual Paper Police officers are employees if the police force. Most times when people call a police officer an “Officer”, it means lowest police rank on the force. They tend to spend most of their time hunting down the criminals that have committed crimes or need to be questioned in a crime. They also try and keep peace in the area. They tend to know where a lot of the bad spots are that crimes are higher and try to keep an eye on things that are going on in that area. They have a lot of different duties they can do after being on the force for two years. They may choose to work in dog handling, water officer, or even be mounted officers. Those are just a few options they may have. It all depends on the area that they are in, some places don’t have mounting for an option but may have dog handler as one. They also respond to all sorts of different calls. They see different things every day I am sure. It may never get boring and it will always be a job that they will need to take precaution no matter what they may be doing. A traffic stop could always turn violent! Just like everyone else they have rules to follow as well. Even when an officer is off duty, they are still a police officer. It’s kind of like being in the Army. Just because you go home and put sweats on doesn’t mean you cannot be called back to work, you must always be ready for anything that could happen at home or even in public while you’re off duty. They have a duty to uphold the law and help whenever they are called to. Arresting people, making sure an event doesn’t get out of hand or just hanging out at the fair to keep the people who are

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