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Personal Leadership Development Reflection In my mind, leadership means a person’s high comprehensive abilities. Leadership is not controlling people. It is composed of many things. First one is “new”, it is an ability in leadership. Finding new and different things and believing in it. Secondly, treatment, how to treat other employees to make them respect you and be the most willing to follow you. And the last one is team spirit, exactly know each employee’s ability and arrange them in right job, and then complete the program work quickly with high-quality. I think it is important. Many people are talented, but they are confusing for work choosing. Leaders should have skill or ability to help them find the most suitable position to express their speciality. For all of these are what the meaning of leadership I thinking about. A person who want to be a successful leader that must have skill to create bran-new and distinctive things which can be an idea, a product, or a method. The different between leader and follower is who really find new things. For example: In same industry, like hotels, the basic method of hotel is applying a living place for customers. To overview all of hotels from this method that we can find they are same. However, if we try to classify hotels, we have motel, Inn, short or long term hotel, economic hotel, luxurious hotel, etc. The amount types of hotel are still increasing. The hotel leader finds a new group of people which we can serve but we didn’t serve before. The new market will have less competition, because no one develops this. When other company realized that the new area does earn money. The first hotel already had a lot of experience with a stable status. I think my leadership strength is listening. I like listening different sounds. Maybe not every suggestion is right or useful, but I will think what I did to make

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