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Spanking is intolerable Spanking is surrounding the world. It’s like a disease and made the kids scared of their parent. When the children did something wrong, parents thought they should spank the kids and let the kids remember what get them into trouble? Is it a good idea? Of course not, all people know that fighting can’t solve anything, and sometimes it would make the problem worse. Spanking the children is not okay because it would make the child has bad memories and spanking can’t solve problems. Spanking will make the children have bad memories. Even they grow up and become the one who doesn’t needs their parent spanking anymore, a good kids, he still remember how their parents hit them, and how it hurt. In the poem “The Whipping”, written by Robert Hayden. When the author saw a boy being spanked by his mom, he remembered that he had been spanked many times when he was young, it’s hurt. Now I was 17, but I can still remember when I was 10 years old, I doing something wrong, my mother told my father, and my father hit me. Many times, many times. It’s likes a terrible dream. Spanking can’t solve problems and sometimes it makes the problem worse. When I was 10 years old, I always made my parents mad, because I went outside and fooling around until 12 o’clock at night. My dad spanked me, but after that, I still went outside with my friends until 12 o’clock to go home. It shows that spanking didn’t work for everyone. Many teenagers have a kind of mind called “antagonistic psychology”. If your kids have antagonistic psychology, and you spank them, it will make the problem worse. You spank them and try to told them what to do, they will do the things likes the opposite side to what you want. Maybe a few of horrible kids need to spank, but it’s not ok because they will feel hurt. Do not spank

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