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World of the Internet in Ten Years Where will the internet be in ten years? Will it be where it is now or will it be where our wildest imaginations can take us? Either way are lives will be drastically changed by it. Scientist predict that the internet in ten years will be more technically advanced then we can even imagine being faster, more accessible, and technical. The internet being faster who could imagine that? We think the internet is already fast today, how could it be faster? Well we have to think about the past. If we compare the internet from ten years ago to now, there is drastic change in speed, so just think about another ten years. Imagine how much faster it could be then. Looking up information that might take a minute to thirty seconds now could only take thirty to fifteen seconds. Talking to people on the internet can be slow at times and glitch. The faster the internet the less we will have to worry about that. Its mind boggling if you really take the time to think about it. Accessibility is a big factor in the world of the internet today. Some places still have to use dialup, and others still can’t get internet. We take having internet for granted in our society today. Just think ten years ago you just couldn’t get internet anywhere and now you can get it almost anywhere besides in the remote places. Imagine being able to go anywhere in the world and pulling out your laptop or your phone and being able to get an internet connection or Wi-Fi. It’s just unheard of today. Being able to get the new fast speed internet that they would provide would be amazing. It would change so many people’s lives in today’s world. We forget that this could happen one day and maybe even in the next ten years. Then we would come to the new technology that would come with computers. Nobody knows what the computer will eventually be but we can sure guess. There

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