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English has become a universal language. It has become the language for some trade transactions, educational and cultural relations. English is being frequently called the "language of communication." But not everybody is proficient in speaking English, even the most professional speaker would still have some space for improvement. But how could you increase your aptitude in the English language? Here are some tips that you could easily do and at the same time give you significant results. o Reading To increase any knowledge, regardless whatever field it is, the first thing you do is hit the books. It is the same when increasing your language knowledge. Spending time in reading would help you improve your vocabulary and comprehension. You could use books, magazines and newspapers. If you want to learn more about grammar, then get a decent grammar book. Libraries would have good collection of grammar books that you can check. These books will help you get back to the basics, like sentence construction. These books should be your guide especially during occasions when you are having difficulties and confusions about grammar. As your English improves, then you could start move to more difficult materials. o Watching and Listening If you get tired of reading, then try watching and listening to different English programs. News programs like CNN or BBC are great channels to watch. Although, it you watch something you are interested in, there are bigger chances that you will listen and pay attention. You can watch movies with English subtitles, since it would help you even more. Try listening to English songs. Start looking for the lyrics and compare how they were pronounced. Listen carefully to what they say. If you cannot understand a word, write it down and look for its meaning later on. Try using or practice saying these words until you are able to

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