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Importance of Learning English We are living in 21st century, which is known as the era of Information and Communication Technology and globalization. Language is the medium of communication and English is such a language, which is accepted all over the world as a common medium of communication. It might be quite impossible to find out a learned person in this world who doesn’t know about this language. English is also the first official language of United Nations. As English is accepted round the world as a common language it is now termed as Lingua Franca. In this Global world nations and countries are mainly connected through this language. Email, facebook websites, almost everything on the internet is in English. If anyone is weak in English this tough commercial world is even tougher for him. Now a days, a job opening is hardly announced without the requirement of good skill of English Language which clearly reveals the necessity of learning English at least for being successful in managing a suitable job. By 2010, this world will be forced to unlearn what have been pretty good till 20th century. At the same time, people will have to learn things which will not be available in regional languages. The updated knowledge and wisdom will not be available in any language other than English. This is a caution to all the non-English speaking people across the world. English is not only a prerequisite to getting a job but also acquiring contemporary knowledge and pursuing higher education. It is almost impossible to get higher education without having a good command over English, because maximum books containing latest information about the world are written or published in English. For the commercial world English is the only language to make business overseas. Business has also become fully dependant on English and the world has become dependent

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