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Syllabus English 21a English Fundamentals 1 3 units Fall, 2012 Section 2066 2:15-3:35 MW HSS 206 Professor: Gordon Dossett, Ph. D. Dossett_Gordon@smc.edu (310) 434 4525 The prerequisite for the course is English 81B or Group B on the Placement Test. This course is the first semester of a two-semester course, English 21AB. It consists of a review of and drill in the fundamentals of English grammar, punctuation, spelling, reading, and composition. Text: Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser Student Learning Outcomes (for all sections of English 21a): 1. Given an academic and/or work-related writing situation, the student will show strategies to plan a draft; will draft a written response called for in the situation; and will revise…show more content…
Please keep these strange behaviors for the enjoyment of your friends outside of class. Late Work: Quizzes and other in-class work cannot be made up. If you cannot be in class when a first or final draft of an essay is due, you may send in the draft via email. You will need to give me a printed copy of the final draft at the next class meeting. If the email is on time, I will give you credit for the work—for one assignment. Other late work will lose 10%. Work not turned in at all will receive a 0. Plagiarism and Cheating Plagiarism is uncited borrowing of phrasing or an idea. Cite language or ideas that are not your own. Plagiarizing will result in at least a zero on the assignment and possible expulsion from the college. If you receive help from a tutor or friend, the outside help must be clear on the rough draft. Withdrawal Dates Consult Corsair Connect Assignment Schedule August 27 Introduction to the class; write in-class assignment In-Class Writing: Choose a or b (not both). Write an essay that uses good detail and avoids the five-paragraph format. For support, please narrate a brief story. a. Explain how the unusual characteristic you selected earlier

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