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English 1010 Censorship In politics The study of censorship is important for Americans. Censorship, as phenomenon, should be explored because it is a conflict between powerful opposing forces in society that can threaten its very foundation and ideals. It is a conflict because reasonable individuals in our society disagree as to what defines the limitations of creativity and expression and who should decide what has passed beyond the limits. It is a dangerous conflict because the arguments, used by opposing forces during censorship conflicts, are played out in the political arena both locally and nationally by organizations and groups that possess real power. It is this power struggle that has the potential for reordering our democratic and constitutional principles, especially if a monopoly of power is secured by one of these forces or the struggle is won in the political arena by those who wish to restrict the Bill of Rights. Berns (1979) reported that a 1972 poll showed that two thirds of the respondents would not permit free speech to those who promote communism or atheist causes, for example. Given such facts, can we be sure that the First Amendment would continue to exist if a new constitutional convention were to be called and then controlled by the likes of the Moral Majority? It is highly doubtful. It can easily be argued that a parent who files one formal complaint with a library about the access to one book will not destroy our democratic republic as we know it. It might even be said that a total accumulation of such events is not a serious threat to the nation's moral and intellectual fiber. The fact of the matter is that censorship of many books and other creative works has happened for years. Our democratic ideals are still respected and revered by significant portions of the populace as well as notable national institutions.

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