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The Computer Revolution The world has changed… Has it? Or do we just seem to accept a global viewof that we are all living in a generation superior to all other generations in humanhistory. This possibly misleading perception is almost always brought up because of the computer revolution. It is true that technology has always played a role in thelives of humans in the past, as it still does today. The effect of the currenttechnological overflow, the computer revolution, is apparent in the lives of billions of people around the world.Many horrid deaths resulted from WWII but not all was lost because of it.Extreme blue sky spending 1 in fields of science and technology in the militaryallowed for computers to be born. During the nineteen-eighties a bright man fromHarvard names William Gates III (Bill Gates) envisioned that computers were not just for multi-million dollar companies. He is the greatest revolutionary of our time,and was the main facilitator of the computer revolution. The vision that “ordinarypeople” could use, want, and would one day “need” computers came out of hismind. Through his company Microsoft, and the competing company AppleComputers, the PC (personal computer) was invented, and computers were foreveryone.Computers definitely affect the lives of everyone in the twenty-first century. Itis apparent in the education systems of the U.S., Japan, Germany, and many others,where teaching without them would seem ludicrous. The need for computers is even seen in ordinary, day-to-day tasks, such as buying bread, or refueling one’s car,where computers are required. For example, even a traffic light contains acomputer; otherwise, a police officer would have to direct traffic at every busyintersection, wasting the tax-payer’s money. Basically, after the advent of thecomputer, our lives have become dependent on it.In other countries, computers have

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