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The Enchanting Verses Literary Review (ISSN- 0974-3057) 1 The Enchanting Verses Literary Review ISSUE-XIV 2 Published by The Enchanting Verses Literary Review. © The Enchanting Verses Literary Review 2011. No contents of this journal can be used without the written permission of the managing editor or respective contributors of the journal. International Standard Serial Number (ISSN): - 0974-3057 Managing Editor: - Dr. Sonnet Mondal. Guest Editor: - Dr. Sukrita Paul Kumar Cover Art:- Andrzej Filipowicz. Background image:- Philip Sidney 3 The Enchanting Poet for Issue-XIV November 2011 Jayanta Mahapatra, born on 22 October 1928 in Cuttack ( India ), belongs to a lower middleclass family. He had his early education at Stewart school, Cuttack . After a first class Master's Degree in Physics, he joined as a teacher in 1949 and served in different Government colleges of Orissa. All his working life, he taught physics at different colleges in Orissa. He retired in 1986. Mahapatra has authored 18 books of poems. He started writing poetry at the age of thirty-eight, quite late by normal standards. Mahapatra's tryst with the muse came rather late in life. He published his first poems in his early 40s. The publication of his first book of poems, Svayamvara and Other Poems, in 1971 was followed by the publication of Close the Sky, Ten By Ten. His collections of poems include A Rain of Rites, Life Signs and A Whiteness of Bone. One of Mahapatra's better remembered works is the long poem Relationship, for which he won the Sahitya Akademi award in 1981. He is the first Indian English Poet to receive the honor. Besides being one of the most popular Indian poets of his generation, Mahapatra was also part of the trio of poets who laid the foundations of modern Indian English Poetry. He shared a special bond with A. K. Ramanujan, one the finest poets in

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