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Besides that, anything could happen in short period of time. Miracle is only the matters. Miracle is rarely happen on this earth. Maybe the patients family or the patient’s itself predict and hoping for a miracle to happen. Perhaps if the patients luck is good, God still could help the long-suffering keep alive. There may be hope for recovery to stay alive. And that is clearly seen euthanasia process is unnecessary. Euthanasia maybe could be the last chance when there’s no miracle happen at all. But patient could just only pray for a better hope wishing and hoping for a great miracle from the Creator. Can conclude that the death is in the hand of God and we cannot deny that. Doctors may be disappointed of the miracle from the God because of needless of euthanasia. That’s mean, God still love his servant. Therefore, patient may live much longer on this planet. Miracle doesn’t happen easily without a prayer. Many people do not agree with the presence of euthanasia due to several factors. Those that led to the assassination of euthanasia, they argue that every soul is blessed by God is essential to its existence is maintained and respected. So, they assume that the mass euthanasia is not allowed because it is the same as murder and lack of respect for the soul. They seem to insult aspects of the death at the hands of God. Weakness may involve many ethical slippery slopes 'falls can occur, the idea that voluntary euthanasia can devalue human life. Mercy killings are not the way to treat patients. Chances of life are not the main theme of the preservation of life. Many religious groups could lead ultimately lead to the same value systems in public that elderly individuals may be pressure on them to deal with this choice by those who have a vested interest (benefit from life insurance policies, directors of health care organizations and others. euthanasia rejection

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