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Over 85,000 American soldiers took part in what was the second battle of the Marne. The battle of the Marne took place close to the river Marne approximately 80 kilometers northeast from Paris, France during World War 1. The dates of this battle were exactly from July 15 to August 6, 1918. This battle was known to be the last German Spring offensive on World War 1. The main reason for this battle was because German leader Erich Von Ludendorff was looking to break through the standstill between the central powers and the allies. Von Ludendorff’s plan made the allied powers mad which lead them to react in a negative way. Therefore, the war began with the combined efforts of France, Britain, Italy, Americans and Germans. When the battle began, the United States wasn’t really involved. In fact, initially, only one United States division was involved in the battle. The reason why America was very slow to join in the battle was because their troops weren’t trained enough therefore, leaders of the troops refused to send their soldiers to battle. Once the complete army was ready, American soldiers were finally ready to fight in what where the two biggest battles before World War 1 ended and Germany capitulated. Their troops provided a decisive edge because of the fact that they were new to the war and they weren’t weighed down by previous years of fighting. The United States troops were against the Germans and therefore, defending the French along with the morocco army in the second battle of the Marne. They were a big help to the French in this battle however, the United States troops lost many soldiers. To be specific, although the war only lasted 1,600 days, there were 8 million deaths, 22 million men wounded and 7.7 thousand missing. The United States lost 48,000 men in battle and 62,000 from disease during battle. Another 200,000 men were wounded. It is unfortunate

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