English 11 Persuasive Speech

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I am 13 yrs old and I am extremely annoyed with things going on in britain and all over the world. I have just watched a documentary on channel 4 called would u save a stranger? and I think its horrible how people just pretend things aren’t happening just turn and ignore events taking place right in front of them. A young 12 year old girl was assaulted on a single decker bus she screamed not one person phoned for help let alone said something to the attackers is this a world we wont to our children 2 grow up in? a world were ppl just ignore issues staring them in the face. It worries me to think I could get on a bus nd be attacked and knw 1 one would do or say anything. I ask u what would u want somebody 2 do if it was u? would u want them 2 turn away 2 not care 2 close there eyes and pretend its not there? I would want somebody to help me just a small thing like…show more content…
In other cases the attackers are never found. a man was stabbed in the back and stomach for protecting 2 ladies in a shop his attackers were never caught! I could walk out the door now and kill some1 and be sent down for life but y is it called life when u only get 25-30 years that’s nothing I could be out within 5 for good behaviour! What type of justice system is this when 2 10 yr olds get a new life for taking another! It needs to be changed!! Child abuse. We see adverts everday to put a stop to child abuse. We are asked to donate £4 a month but how do we$ but a stop to it when the social workers aren’t doing there jobs right which result in tragic cases like baby P who was on the protection list and visted 3 times during his
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