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Rasitha Kumanayake Dr. Mandelkern ENGL A100 20 July 2015 Tattoos in a New Era of Social Acceptance Body arts have been around nearly as long as man has walked the earth. Body arts occur across the globe today in various forms and for various reasons. Body painting, makeup, Hair styles and coloring, body shaping, scarification, tattooing and piercing are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. In between those techniques, tattooing has gained popularity in the United States in the last decade, and at the same time, has become more socially acceptable. In the essay “Body Art as Visual Language”, Enid Schildkrout argues that people in the United States often use tattoos to show their commitments. Now in the twenty‐first century, tattooing is undergoing a wide‐spread acceptance. However in the past, when people with tattoos were seen around, the society thought that person could be dangerous, but today that mentality has disappeared. More people and various diverse groups of people are getting tattooed nowadays. In 2003, the Harris poll reported that approximately 16% of Americans have at least one tattoo. In 2005, just two years later, the American Society of Dermatological Surgery reported that the percentage of Americans that have at least one tattoo had increased to 24% – nearly one in every four Americans (Keel 18). Even though there are some people in the United States that use tattoos just for the purpose of showing off, most people wear tattoos to show their commitment mainly to factors such as their social status: culture, memories, memberships in groups, and to convey information about their personal qualities or accomplishments. The concept of tattooing on behalf of a culture or a religion has evolved from ancestors. Tattooing through the history is being evaluated. In Schildkrout’s essay, she talks about how tattoos connect the

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