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English 10: Semester Exam Review Sheet E. Lewis You will be asked to write a Commentary on your chosen poem from Tales from Ovid. Begin with your sense of the poem – your response to it. You should already have begun highlighting it when it was assigned earlier in the semester. Now, as we’ve done together in class with several of the poems, you are to prepare by examining and highlighting your poem in detail, considering how the language, structure, speaker, tone, and subject contribute to the overall themes of the poem. Be sure to consider how metamorphosis and hubris are conveyed in your poem. (There will also be a brief section on Life of Pi – please look under that Moodle section for further info. on that part of the exam.) Some of the elements to consider, which we have discussed in class:…show more content…
How do these affect tone and mood = the poet’s attitude toward his/her subject? (Remember when commenting on figurative language: explain, for example, why a particular metaphor is appropriate or effective – do not simply explain what a metaphor is!) * What is the structure? Comment on stanzas or lines (not ‘paragraphs’ or ‘sentences’!) * Look for possible progression or movement in the poem – do the stanzas ‘move’ through time or through some sort of changes? The poem, ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’ written by Ted Hughes in the novel Tales from Ovid, has a number of themes running throughout the story. The major themes present are everlasting love and the conflict between the characters and their surroundings. Love is portrayed through Pyramus and Thisbe’s ability to sustain their love throughout all that takes place. The conflict is between Pyramus and Thisbe and both their parents, as they’re not allowed to meet with one another. Hubris is also present throughout the poem, as the two lovers are very arrogant and believe that can do anything to be together. Ted Hughes manages to depict these themes through many

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