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Nour Gomaa Mrs. Brehm E5H 9/16/2010 Growing up as a child in a family with non- english speaking parents it was hard for them to help me with my school work and especially in reading. When I started picking up books and reading it was a challenge for me when I read at home. My parents didn’t understand any of the words. In school was where I was helped the most. Since my parents did not know how to speak english it made me become more independent and made me push myself to work harder. I became a better reader because I always read at home and when I didn’t know a word o would keep practicing it until I understood it. I read many books as a child including many Dr. Suess books. As I grew as a reader the books I chose became harder which also helped me and challenged me in reading. School also made me a better reader. Starting from the first grade I started reading in school and my teachers from then on were very helpful. My teachers would hold conferences and private seesions with me in order to help me in reading. Also in school being read to was also a fun way of reading but without the actual reading even though I enjoyed reading challenging books which made me practice. These things made me the reader I am today, a good and smart one. Reading by myself and my parents not helping me made me want to think and know more, which turned me into a better reader. Also my teachers in school were a big help, because they reinforced the practice and everything I did at

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