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English-1 My Sister My sister Kati has greatly influenced me and my life today. As children we weren’t that close, and she always picked on me like a big sister should. We got in lots of fights and she’s the one that taught me how to throw a punch. She has taught me many things. Like to never eat any pile of mushed banana she hands me (she likes to chew it up, spit it out, and eat it again). Eww. My sister has become closer with me since we were young, (I blame it on the cat incident). Recently we have hung out often, laying low at the cabin with her boyfriend Jeremy. One of the few times we ventured into town (St. Paul) we were hanging with the same group of people but we decided her car was filthy. Because of her passenger seat window being broken, we couldn’t go to the regular car wash. So everyone in the car got out and washed the car at the gas station, with squeegees. We had a lot of fun. My sister has made me realize how much I actually like her (I used to hate her guts). We hang out often now even though she borrows my clothes without permission and never gives them back; I’ve decided to do the same with her make-up.  Obviously I have spent much time with her and spending that much time with someone definitely influences each other. My Second Home I was raised at home in the winter, but most of summer and fall, and sometimes spring, I was raised at my lake house. My parents bought it when I was about two because they wanted us to have somewhere to go in the summer time, because back then we didn’t have a lot of money. We still lived in our trailer, we couldn’t afford to go on some fancy vacation. My parents were a relatively new couple with two children. After my brothers were born, however, we had enough money to take us on short trips to Jasper and Banff. Our early vacations consisted mostly of those places. When we grew older we were

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