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HSC STUDY GUIDE MAKE YOUR TALENT COUNT HSC success simplified for years 9, 10, 11 and 12. The most comprehensive guide in NSW complete with secrets for acing your HSC. Talent 100 is famous for delivering exceptional HSC results, the best teaching talent, course notes and online resources. It’s the essence of what we do but it hardly tells the whole story. Our learning centres provide support, mentorship and a homeaway-from-home for students to master their studies. We open doors to dream careers. We believe that our students have a huge capacity for achieving a positive impact on the world. We make learning inspiring, productive and most of all, fun. TALENT 100 STUDENTS TOp THE HSC YEAR AfTER YEAR At Talent 100, we help you achieve such exceptional results, it’s almost unfair. Numbers don’t lie. Our concise, straightforward and results-focussed programs consistently help our students gain the best ATARs and outperform their peers 4 to 1. “Ultimately, there are more important things in life than exams. Ironically, you might just need to do well in your exams in order to achieve those things.” Richard Chua, Founder Talent 100. 4 HSC STUDY GUIDE MAKE YOUR TALENT COUNT 30% More than 30% of our students scored ATARs over 99. ACHIEvING YOUR bEST ATAR MEANS bIGGER pOSSIbILITIES 100% 80% 63% More than 63% of our students scored ATARs over 96. % of TALENT 100 STUDENTS in top band (band 6) % of NSW STUDENTS in top band (band 6) 60% x4 Our students are four times more likely to score in the band 6, than the average student. 40% 20% Chemistry Physics Maths Ext 1 Maths Ext 2 1000S We’ve helped thousands of students get into Australia’s top universities, and ultimately, their dream careers. “There are generations yet unborn whose very lives will be shifted and shaped by the moves you make and the actions you take

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