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Q. Perceptions of belonging vary. Discuss. We live in a vast and complex network in which we all, as individuals, have varying perceptions of belonging. It is due to our interactions and continual enrichment of our understanding of the world around us that the notion of belonging is viewed from different perspectives with different people. Our lives are significantly affected by the world in which we live – which includes the domestic environment, local communities and the larger society beyond – and these perceptions are shaped by our social and cultural contexts. Two such varying perceptions of belonging are explored in the comedy play As You Like It by William Shakespeare and the short film, Broken Bonds through various literary and filmic techniques. The removal of barriers that prevents one’s belonging can lead to the discovery of a new perspective of his/her own abilities, which consequently results in a strengthened sense of belonging. An example of this is the character Rosalind in AYLI who enters the magical Forest of Arden. During her time in the Forest, she gains a significant amount of confidence and energy to be bold and expressive. She does this by disguising herself as a man and liberating herself from the conventions of femininity. In Act Four Scene One, Rosalind, disguised as the boy Ganymede, encounters the helpless Petrachan lover, Orlando. She uses visual imagery to teach him to be realistic rather than believing his love, Rosalind, is a Goddess: “I will be more jealous of thee than a Babary cock-pigeon over his hen; more clamorous than a parrot against rain … more giddy in my desires than a monkey.” This imagery of wild animals describes the behaviour of a woman after her wedding, which is effectively used by Rosalind to bring Orlando to reality from his Petrachan fantasy. The audience witnesses this incredible change in Rosalind’s ability to

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