England's War: The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian War One hundred years after Columbus sailed from Spain into the unknown waters of Americas, two very powerful empires were competing for the control of North America. These two powerhouse empires were France and England. The battles between the two empires were known as the French and Indian War. This war began in 1745, was declared in 1756, and ended in 1763. The story of this battle goes back to the early journeys of French and English explorers into the new land and world of North America. England’s first exploration of the new world, North America, happened in 1497 by an explorer named John Cabot. He landed in Canada in present day Newfoundland in hope to find a “northwest passage” though North America to Japan and China for the trade of their tea, spices, and silk. Although he was unsuccessful, he sparked lots of interest in the English that had followed him. One famous settler that he sparked interest in was Captain John Smith. He traveled from present day Virginia up to the tip of Maine and took plenty of notes about what he had seen. Once his people saw his notes, sparked a great call to…show more content…
A third advantage the French had over the English would be that they maintained a great network of strong Indian alliances that spanned from Maine to the tribes in Wisconsin. Another advantage is that there were many French trappers, hunters, and traders, who new the forested areas and the rivers very well, which would be where most of the fighting would take place over 70 years. France also had a very large army back home. It was the largest standing army in all of Europe. They knew if they needed, many French troops would be sent to fight in the New World battles. All in all, neither side, the French nor the English had a clear advantage over the
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