Engl/135 Week 8 Assignment

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Week 8 Assignment Course Project Final Draft: Cyberbullying Hector Maceira DeVry University ENGL 135 Advance English Prof. Jensen, Michael February 20, 2014 Cyberbullying Rebecca Sedwick and student in Winter Haven, FL committed suicide by jumping from the top floor of an abandoned building leading to her death after been bullied for almost a year and half by two girls over a boy. She was abused both at school and virtual none stop. The 14 year old girl and 12 year old girl both were arrested for aggravated stalking. Rebecca is one of many casualties that we deal almost every day from bullies or cyber bullies (Couwels, 2013). Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people which is estimated about 4,400 deaths per…show more content…
As the graph shows students that are not involved in the act of cyberbullying still are affected by it and some help the victims fight against it or increase their self-esteem levels a little by becoming friends and coaching them to get out of the bully…show more content…
Recently there was a poll that was put out to study in where The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and MTV found out that 49% of young people of ages 14 through 24 in the U.S. mentioned that they have been harass electronically throughout high school all the way to college. AP-NORC CPA and MTV are still working together to raise awareness toward parents and school officials about the dangers of cyberbullying. Right now, almost every state has thrown anti-bullying laws (except for Montana) which specifically targets cyberbullying and any other cyber harassment. These laws have helped prosecute and raise charges against bullies such like Rebecca Sedwick and Sarah

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