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Friends, Today happens to be the 147th birthday of one of the great sons of India. September 15th is designated as Engineers Day. I would like to share with you some interesting snippets from the life of the great man. Dr.M.VISVESVARAYA - Bharata Ratna (The Gem of India) Any state should be lucky to have a minister of Visvesvaraya's ability. Would any salary be too high for such a genius? The Maharaja's secretary suggested to the Maharaja that MV's salary should be raised; he had not consulted MV. Visvesvaraya came to know about it. He wrote to the Maharaja saying that he did not want a rise. For sometime, when the Bhadravati Factory was in trouble, he worked as the Chairman. At that time, the Government had not decided the salary. It took some years to do so; the Government owed him more than a hundred thousand rupees. But he did not touch a rupee even. He told the Government, "Start an institute where boys can learn some profession." The Institute was about to start work. The Government wanted to name it after Visvesvaraya. But he said, "Name it after the Maharaja of Mysore." This is the Sri Jayachamaraja Polytechnic Institute of Bangalore. How many such selfless patriots’ do we have? Free India honors great servants of the country every year by awarding titles. The highest of this award is 'Bharata Ratna'. In 1955 Visvesvaraya was made a 'Bharata Ratna', the Gem of India. He was a gem of mankind itself. Visvesvaraya was a genius. The Block System which he invented, the automatic doors which he devised to stop wasteful overflow of water, the water supply and drainage system which he planned for the city of Aden - these won high praise from engineers all over the world. The Krishnarajasagara Dam is a brilliant proof of his genius. His memory was an amazing as his genius. We saw how in 1908 he tamed the Moosa. Fifty years later,

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