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Dedication For my mother, Linda Romaniello, who taught me first to have strength, and then how to use it, and Alvin Batista, my Obi-Wan, who long ago gave me a book sort of like this one. —JR To my parents—Ira and Sandy—who always understood that being the Alpha was about becoming a better person and helping others, and who raised me in a way that allowed me to share that message with others. —AB Contents Dedication Foreword by Arnold Schwarzenegger Part 1: Initiation Introduction - The Fall of Man Chapter 1 - The Fitness Industry Is Completely Fucked Up Chapter 2 - Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 3 - The Truth About the Truth Part 2: Rebirth Chapter 4 - The Call to Adventure Chapter 5 - Discovering the Answers Chapter 6 - An Unreal Life Chapter 7 - The End of Dieting Part 3: Engineering the Alpha Chapter 8 - The Road to Alpha Status Chapter 9 - Phase I: Prime Chapter 10 - Phase II: Adapt Chapter 11 - Phase III: Surge Chapter 12 - Phase IV: Complete Afterword - I, Alpha Acknowledgments Index Back Ad Copyright About the Publisher Foreword It started in the most primitive way you can imagine. Before the championships or my move to America, and long before anyone talked about a Golden Age of bodybuilding, it began with a fantasy in the forests of Austria. My friends and I imagined ourselves as gladiators. During the summer, we would charge up dirt trails all day, stopping to pound out sets of push-ups and squats. We would struggle through chin-ups on tree branches so thick our hands would slip off after the first few reps. And then, when we’d exerted ourselves, we would build a fire and cook our meat under the stars. You could analyze the hell out of what led us to that particular fantasy. But if I had to guess, it was about escaping the depression that surrounded us by dreaming about men who created their own destiny by building their bodies,

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