Engineering Ethics Essay

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Introduction: Ethics are certain guidelines which constitute moral principles, code of conduct and responsibilities towards self and the society. The engineering ethics are mostly professional ethics which help in standardizing the professional code of conduct. According to the basic engineering ethics the engineers are responsible for solving technical problems as well as for providing best designs and services for customer’s satisfaction. Ethics plays a very important role for the engineering professionals as they are involved in every step while designing a project. Every project carried out by the engineering professionals consist of three factors namely the safety issue, the legal issues and benefits both to society and the funding organization and these three factors should abide ethical principles. To conduct work within ethics is equally important for both the engineer and the organization to produce quality work and to maintain the corporate social responsibilities. In order to understand the importance of incorporating the ethical principles in the engineering profession and to carry out the duty under ethical guidelines, a historical case has been discussed in the paper which shows if engineers are not honest to their profession and responsibilities then what kind of disasters it might cause. The paper also discusses the substantial development and its importance and in the last section of the paper the importance of corporate social responsibilities has been discussed with citing some examples. The case study: Case study is the best medium to explain professional ethics and consequence of not following them to any engineer since it provides a better understanding with good insight to problems and its causes. The case study under discussion in this paper is a historical case which shows mechanical engineering

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