Engineering a Social Process Essay

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I. Introduction: What is engineering? Engineering in simplistic way can be defined as an approach to solve a problem using available resources to make human life better. These resources include natural objects, other man-made objects, scientific tools, philosophy, social context etc to name a few. During the process of solving problem, ideas and artifacts are created, all with the sole intention of solving a problem. There are natural objects as well as man-made objects or artifacts, the difference between them being that man-made objects need human intervention for its creation or invention. Man-made objects can further be classified as engineering artifact and other art forms. The main difference between them being that engineering ideas or artifacts are created or designed for solving a particular problem and thus intention, purpose or for-ness as defined by Dipert (2000) becomes the key in an engineering problem [Technical Artefacts: Creations of Mind and Matter: A Philosophy of Engineering Design by Peter Kroes] II. Definition of Engineering from Engineers In order to understand what engineers think of their profession, I asked my friends who are qualified engineers, to define engineering. The idea was to get an insider view of engineering by its practitioners. Some of the definitions of engineering from engineer’s point of views are as follows: "Engineering is the application of basic sciences like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics etc. for making products and materials that are useful in enhancing human lives. The types of products define the stream of engineering, for e.g. cars/automobiles by mechanical engineers etc." “Engineering according to me is an application of science and technology for improving the lives of many by designing and building new structures, machines etc.” “Engineering according to me is a profession for construction of

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