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2 ob ec j Information Systems in the Enterprise es tiv After completing this chapter, you will be able to: 1. Analyze the role played by the six major types of information systems in 2. 3. 4. 5. organizations and their relationship to each other. Describe the types of information systems supporting the major functional areas of the business. Assess the relationship between organizations, information systems and business processes, including the processes for customer relationship management and supply chain management. Explain how enterprise systems and industrial networks create new efficiencies for businesses. Evaluate the benefits and limitations of enterprise systems and industrial networks. Alpina Mooves Faster with Enterprise Systems Alpina Productos Alimenticios is a privately owned dairy products company headquartered in Bogota, Colombia. It produces more than 400,000 liters of milk daily and sells more than 200 products in Colombia, Central America, and North America, including a wide array of cheeses, yogurts, milk-based beverages, fruit juices, and chilled desserts. Alpina has 21 sales agencies, plants in Venezuela and Ecuador, and 3,400 employees, which process 72 million orders and 400,000 invoices per year. The diversity of its products, the delivery volume, and the size of Alpina’s market creates enormous supply chain management tasks. Dairy products require constant refrigeration and have an average shelf life of only 21 days. The company must deliver products directly to stores or distributors within 24 hours after an order has been placed. The company wants to expand into new regional and export markets by maintaining an exceptionally high level of product quality, service, and production efficiency. It must cope with a regional economic downturn, consumer demand for lower prices, and new global and

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