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Tim Manasalski November 9, 2010 Engineering 8-02 Many students getting a degree of some sort want to know if having a college degree would pay off in the future? I would say yes. After high school, a lot of students choose to attend college for many reasons, but for myself, the value of higher education is very important. Why is it important? It is important because of the benefits that it has, and those are the rewards of investing for higher education in the future, social benefits, and public policy issues. One of the main reasons why students after high school go to college or universities is because of the investment that would return to them when they graduate. A four- year bachelor’s degree is way better than having a high school diploma in your resume. Even though college is tough, the investment in return is very rewarding. Having a good paying job is one of the rewards. In this economy, many companies would rather hire someone who has a bachelor’s, master’s, or even PhD over someone who just graduated from high school, and the wages are a huge difference between those who have advanced degrees rather than a high school graduate. Researchers (Value of Higher Education, 2004) show that students who drop out of high school earn about $18,900 a year; student who graduate from high school earn about $25,900 a year, a college graduate is about $45,400 a year, and a person who has a professional degree earns about $99,300 a year. By having a college degree, the reward that you invested in higher education would get yourself a better future and job as well. The next point would be the social benefits. You may ask yourself a question, and the question is how can a college degree have social benefits. Having a college degree can have a great impact in our social life because it can help you with communication with others, like your boss or even running your

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