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Release Notes for PaperPort SE Release SE English version March 2004 Copyright © 2004 ScanSoft, Inc. Please read this document for information about ScanSoft's PaperPort SE. The document contains the following sections: · System requirements · Installing PaperPort · Known issues System requirements To install and run PaperPort, your Windows-compatible PC must meet or exceed the following requirements: · Intel or Intel-compatible Pentium™ or higher processor. · SVGA monitor with 256 colors or more, and 800x600 minimum pixel resolution. · Microsoft Windows® 98 Second Edition (SE), Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 (SP6) or higher, Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows XP. · For Windows 98 SE and Me, 64 MB RAM minimum or higher. · For Windows NT 4.0 SP6, Windows 2000, and Windows XP: 128 MB RAM or higher recommended, 64 MB minimum. · Hard disk with a minimum of 80 MB free space. · Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or higher. · CD-ROM drive for installation. PaperPort supports TWAIN and WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) compatible scanners, as well as the Visioneer Strobe Pro, which has a proprietary driver. PaperPort SE does not support the following older scanners: Visioneer Mx, Ix, Vx, and Strobe; HP 4S, and Compaq Scanner Keyboard. PaperPort also supports TWAIN and WIA compatible digital cameras, and enables you to obtain and manage images from other sources, such as Windows Explorer or the software program provided by the camera manufacturer. Installing PaperPort This section provides information on installing and uninstalling PaperPort SE. Note: If you have PaperPort Deluxe 7 or 8 on your system, installing PaperPort SE will overwrite the Deluxe version. Features specific to Deluxe will no longer be available. To install PaperPort SE To install PaperPort SE, follow these steps: 1. Disable any anti-virus software programs and close all Windows programs that

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