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Sustainability Management: MGMT S915 Professor Stephen Young, Ajarn Nick Pisalyaput My Final Reflections Thongchai Damrongsak ID: S560039 EMBA 2013 What is Sustainability? What is sustainability? In Terminology we have heard a lot; CSR, Green business, Zero waste, Sufficiency Economy, etc. you know? all of those names are the same story. Sustainability might mean: To continue to flourish indefinitely, meeting the needs of the present without distortion or destruction the future, but in simple understanding I would say it mean “Balancing” .Sustainability is the method to get back to equilibrium stage, tuning and become balanced by getting stable. Do not go to benefit in one direction, stop and thinking around your stakeholder. The concept of sustainability is to think, decide and move in a responsible manner for the long-term. Because from the certain of past until now we most have lived our life with unbalanced condition and carelessness. When we live in unbalanced conditions its effect will spread through all of stakeholder. Sustainability involved whatever you do, whoever you are and wherever you go, event in your family; you work hard and willing to success but leave your father or mother (your stakeholder) alone and scarce. This is the example of unbalanced condition. Get back to your family Doing well by Doing good, balance between work load and your lovely people, you have due care, you are fiduciary, you do good things, you reach sustainability. Business Level Thinking Sustainability becomes part of business model today. Everybody has to survive, I mean in long term without sustainability seem to be difficult for them (Unbalanced Condition). In the business perspective most of all are how the business makes money. Sustainability concepts higher focus on

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