Engagement in Learning

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Aspect of learning: Engagement in learning. I have chosen engagement as the aspect of my learning, as there are many factors which attribute to one’s engagement in a task set at school as well as the factors that disengage someone from a task at school. Not only does engagement affect the academic side of one’s learning but can also affect learning outside of the school environment, such as; improving a high score on a game or just simply learning to cook or ride a bike. It is generally thought the more engaged someone is in a task the more likely they are to succeed, and motivation will play a big part in one’s engagement towards a task and will possibly determine whether someone fails or passes the task. As we go on to find out later on in the essay, passing and failing, has a major role in the individuals’ engagement towards a task. In the essay I will be looking at the different types of motivation and how they affect engagement and the effect it has on different types of people. Motivation and the concept of passing and failing are not the only two factors which affect engagement though. The idea of pupil and teacher involvement has a major role in improving or diminishing engagement, as well as different learning styles individual’s can have affects one’s level of engagement, and how the individuals’ background can affect their engagement towards a certain task. Learning is process of maturation or change, and can even be possibly both of these in some cases, but this does not necessarily make genetic endowment a part of the process of learning. Genetic endowment is not necessarily a part of the learning process, as despite humans become older as, it does not mean that they will learn in a more successful way or even mature. Both of maturation and change would need motivation to succeed, which would mean engaging the learner in activities and
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