Engagement Diplomacy Essay

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Engagement Diplomacy Holding meetings and discussions with foreign countries is the basis of foreign diplomacy. In his editorial, “Terms of Engagement,” Chester A. Crocker raises the issue of diplomacy between foreign countries, specifically between the United States and Iran. Chester advocates the policy of engagement as the starting point for beginning discussions with Iran. He believes that engagement is important to bettering relations with foreign countries but it, “is not about sweet talk. Nor is it based on the illusion that our problems with rogue regimes can be solved if only we would talk to them.” Chester and his opponents have reached a stasis at the level of procedure, or policy because both sides agree diplomacy is the best option but they differ on how to go about the diplomatic process. Chester sees the option of engagement to be the most effective way to put two countries on the path towards bettering relations with one another. He deals with the issue in a specific instance, the US and Iran, but also refers to diplomacy on a general level by discussing how previous administrations dealt with “rogue regimes.” The issue of diplomacy is a practical one because one country’s relations with another, affects both countries in very real and immediate ways. Chester supports his belief that engagement with Iran is the best policy to implement by looking to other conflicts that the US has had to deal with in its past and analyzing how those problems were solved. After looking back he and says, “Diplomatic engagement is proven to work—in the right circumstances.” He goes on to list a few countries where American diplomats used the strategy of engagement to better relations with that country, including the former Soviet Union and South Africa. Chester argues that diplomacy must be carried out with Iran and that it must be done in a specific way,

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