Eng122: Science, Health, And Environmental Issues

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Science, Health, and Environmental Issues Pamela Ward Eng122: English Composition 2 Prof. Iris Chao October 27, 2013 Phosphates and Nitrates Phosphates and Nitrates are chemicals commonly found in water. Even though they are not harmful in small quantities, they are harmful if they exist in large quantities. Farms use fertilizers containing large amounts of nitrates and phosphates, so they can build up water near industrial-scale farms. In a body of water in which nitrate levels have risen to high levels, these chemicals can cause excessive algae growth. When the algae die and decompose, they deplete the available oxygen in the water for fish, causing them to die. In humans, drinking water that is high in nitrates can interfere…show more content…
Evaluation also may help grantee find allies in other agencies, services, or sectors; publicize achievements in communities; and inform policy and other decision making. Evaluation metrics also provide a means for the NIEHS to evaluate the success of individual projects and the PEPH program as a whole. Differences in such conceptions across different grade levels and among males and females also were examined. A total of 138 males and females enrolled in grades five through eleven in a unified school district, and in freshman-level, courses in a large university constituted the sample for the study. These partnerships will not be easy to create, for them criss-cross boundaries of familiarity and rules of operation. But geographers can play a critical role in helping to shape them and assess the best circumstances for ensuring their…show more content…
Such remedies such as recycling, purification, treatment, and management of wastes can diminish the issues of a detrimental environment. Air pollution is also caused by technology and human influence. Similar to water damage, air pollution is derived from chemicals and toxins which are released into the atmosphere. Thus, the toxins begin to reveal the depletion of natural resources. Fuel combustion and automobile transportation are two large factors of air pollution. Both factors release a production of heat and chemicals into the atmosphere causing for an excessive amount of wasted heat. Furthermore, the problem of extra heat leads to the production of a number of harmful health issues and environmental scrutiny. Global warming, global community has long been a vocal advocate and critic of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Hundreds of disease oriented and professional health provider organizations have provided pollution, smog, and ozone layer damaging are all results of air pollution. The advocacy testimony and comments and routinely sought access to the leadership of NIH to offer research suggestions and chalk-legs. Over the last decade, the advocacy community successfully pushed for doubling the NIH budget. With the dramatic increase in funding emerged in a far more open dialogue between the advocacy community and the NIH as the agency sought direction

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