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Task 7B. Instructions - Singularity – ENG352 – Spring 2012 This task asks you to look more closely at the arguments presented in the book Singularity introduced in the diagnostic task. You will be learning about many aspects necessary to understand and improve your skills in Information Literacy. Learning Objectives 1) Read critically and for meaning 2) Summarize accurately 3) Locate sources on the web and in the library 4) Evaluate sources 5) Reflect on the research process What to do - Assignment 7B Part 1: FIND, READ, and SUMMARIZE Kurzweil, R. (2006). Reinventing Humanity: The Future of Machine--Human Intelligence. (Cover story). Futurist, 40(2), 39-46. SUMMARIZE the main ideas in the article in approximately 250-300 words. (Use your own words). Part 2: SEARCH, READ, SUMMARIZE, and EVALUATE Find one more article from the NJIT library of equal quality where the author disagrees in some way with Kurzweil’s prediction that the singularity is near. Do the following: • Cite it. • Upload a copy of the article. • Summarize the main ideas in your article in approximately 250-300 words. (Use your own words). • Evaluate: Give at least 3 reasons that the source you have chosen is appropriate and of good quality given the research question. Part 3: REFLECT: What was your process? How did you locate the article you found? Where did you search? What terms did you use to search in the various places you looked? How did you modify your search strategy to improve your results? What did you learn? What don’t you still understand? What did you learn about reading and summarizing that was new to you? HELP! See NJIT Research Guides Find the Full text of an Article Understanding Citations Using Academic Search Premier How to Evaluate Information Sources How to

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