Eng 221 - Week 3 Assignment

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Request for Proposal Kenneth Taylor ENG 221 5/14/12 Darlene Robinson Request for Proposal Organizational Overview The Acme Aircraft Company (AAC) was founded in 1970 to provide recreational aircraft to consumers in the United States and other countries across the globe. Currently, AAC produces around 50 aircraft per year, bringing in roughly $35 million per year. The Acme Aircraft Company presently builds its aircraft in 3 locations: Seattle, WA; Dallas, TX; and Dayton, OH. Company Business Goals The Acme Aircraft Company’s business is steadily building. AAC is beginning to run each of its locations at full capacity and cannot keep up with its incoming orders. The Acme Aircraft Company is looking to expand and build new locations. There is a forth location presently being constructed in Palm Bay, FL. Project Overview Most of the construction is already completed. The next step is to clean all raw steel of any debris and contaminants. Once the steel is cleaned it needs to be primed and painted. All concrete floors in the facility will also need to be primed and painted with an epoxy coating. Assumptions and Agreements • The project must be completed within three months of the start date. The start date will be announced once the bidding process has been completed. • A preliminary budget for this project has been approved. • Vendor bids must not exceed $250,000. • All aspects of this project must be approved by the Acme Aircraft Company. • All plans/blueprints/schematics must be approved by the Acme Aircraft Company. • The Acme Aircraft Company will appoint one person with the authority to make decisions and oversee the project. • Any changes that need to be made to the project must be approved by the Acme Aircraft Company prior to any change orders completion. Further costs may occur

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